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Join Another Joy's Grow A Smile campaign to fight hunger and cultivate stability. Seventy Five percent of the world's poorest people, 1.4 billion women, children, and men live in rural areas and depend on agriculture and related activities for their livelihood. Fifty percent of hungry people are farming families. With our Grow a Smile campaign, we will provide farmers the opportunity to grow stability and fight hunger in their communities.

We currently have 110 pallets of vegetable and flower seeds for distribution to farmers around the world. Each pallet has around 4,000,000 seeds. The farmers are required to provide a portion of the food to families in their villages and towns. The flowers will be cultivated and sold to grow stability in the region. Our new campaign to fight hunger and cultivate stability will provide food for many families as well as to create jobs.

Another Joy Foundation will provide re-germination lab test reports and Phyto certificate for each shipment.

Programs in Mexico and the Philippines are being organized. Photos and updates will be available soon.

Contact us to start a Grow A Smile campaign in your country.