Please Join our mission to save and positively impact children's lives in USA and around the world. It's essential we join hands to combat hunger, thirst, poverty, illiteracy and diseases. Please, take a few moments to create your team of Ten, who will commit to take action by donating Ten Dollars per month for 12 months. Encourage your team members to create their team of Ten, until we have thousands of team members joining hands to Positively impact our youth, our future and our world!

Another Joy Foundations dedicated Board members and Executives are all volunteers. Please note, 100% of your donation will go towards delivering supplies to children and families in need. Another Joy Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. All gifts to AJF are tax-deductible in accordance with IRS regulations and are sued to meet the overall humanitarian and operating expenses associated with our mission. The Internal Revenue Code permits you to deduct the amount you give to AJF. AJF will provide Tax Deductible certificates to team members at the end of the year.  

Please click on the following donation link to get involved today by giving a little to make a huge difference.

Please view the following list of individuals and companies that have joined the Tens To Helping Hands Team. Although we will be informed of your donation at the end of the month, please send an email to nadia@anotherjoyfoundation stating you have joined the Tens to Helping Hands Team. Please provide your name, the country and city you live in so we can immediate post your name below.

Please visit & like us on FaceBook and request all your friends to join the Tens to Helping Hands Team.


We thank you in advance for your time and support.

Lets spends a moment together to create life lasting change for others!

By, Alden Crowley, Founder, Another Joy Foundation


Tens To Helping Hands Team Members

United States Of America

Las Vegas, Nevada

1. Alden Crowley, Founder, Another Joy Foundation

2. Nadia Crowley, Co Founder, Another Joy Foundation

3. Eric Linder RMP, Founder, Team 5

4. Nick Giordano, President, Won Love

5. Josh Sidman, Safety & Security Director, Another Joy Foundation (Las Vegas Metro Police Officer)

6. Heather Sidman, Community Relations Direcotr, Another Joy Foundation

7. Vince & Vilma Tangalao

8. Shauntele Harless, Founder, Las Vegas Youth Ambassadors


Hilo, Hawaii
1.Mike & Shirley Sidman

2. Joel Whitney

3. Naomi Leialoha

Walbors, Maryland

1. Angel & CarrieAnn Rodriguez

Charleston, West Virginia
1. Eric Clark, CEO, Clark Truck Parts,


Stuttgart, Germany

1. Marcus & Mira Pretsch

Amman, Jordan
1. Othman Al Absi, CEO, Al Naser Airlines


Dubai, United Arab Emirates
1. Dmitriy Korshunov, Director-Middle East, Air Charter Service

2. Apandi Lakhiyalov, President & CEO Aerovista